Hey folks! We’ve been dealing with a few issues delaying the process, but now we have finally decided to release our new single „Nowhere To Be Found“ to the public on December 4th.

The song will be released across all streaming platforms (Spotify, Bandcamp, Youtube, Deezer, Apple,…). We also shot a music video for the track that we hopefully will be able to share with you before this mess of a year comes to an end.

Listen to the song here:

Nowhere To Be Found is a highly energetic mid-tempo rock song dealing with our love of underground music and subculture. The song celebrates the feeling of getting lost in the sound amidst a group of strangers in a dark room full of smoke. With most venues and club closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic it is now more important than ever to remind ourselves why this subculture is so important and why we need to keep it alive. „Nowhere To Be Found“ is an anthemn for DIY music culture.

Nowhere To Be Found – Artwork by Lukas Waldhör

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