THE RAW STUFF is a yearly book series featuring heavy music artwork and underground culture from Austrian and Europe. We are proud to be featured in the 2nd edition of the book with the artwork for our debut record Modern Nature designed by Aplacefortom.

Thomas Gasperlmair AKA Aplacefortom is the chief editor and creative brain behind THE RAW STUFF and is also the person responsible for our ‚Modern Nature‘ album artwork. The book features illustrators as well as tattoo artists and street art from Austria and Europe and shines a spotlight on many amazingly talented people we have had the please to work with over the years. Also shout out to Lisa Arzberger AKA Missfelidae Illustration, who not only designed our band logo but also took over lead vocals for some time in the early stages of the band.

The book comes out today on December 1st 2022 and is available for purchase on our Merch Store and Bandcamp.

Modern Nature album artwork by Aplacefortom featured in the book

THE RAW STUFF delivers the nicest artworks from 26 of the coolest illustrators and graphic designers from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain and the Netherlands and shows their best works for local and international rock / metal / punk and psychedelic bands and venues of the last years!

Next to the heaviest artworks for vinyls, cds, tapes, t-shirts, gig posters and weird stuff like ritual masks, THE RAW STUFF expands its boundaries with a view on related scenes to the music culture, such as street art, alternative illustration and tattoos in this edition.

To round up this unique overview of the most relevant creators of music artworks, Thomas Sulzbacher, chief-editor of SLAM Alternative Music Magazine, and Arena Vienna are supporting the book with some nice words about artworks and the alternative music scene.

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Featured artists in the book:
Grindesign, Max Löffler, Simon Marchner, Subterranean Prints, Sharlach Studio, Druckwelle, Janta Island, Zellerluoid, Art of Maquenda, Christian Brix, Fast Needles, Hannes Benedikter, SBÄM, missfelidae, zur schwarzen hand, Armin Schweiger, Hirnplatzt, NDZW, Irrwisch, aplacefortom, Dr. Knoche, staygold grafix, Edison Wormhole, Blanche.main,, Chrizao

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