On October 14th 2022 our album ‚Modern Nature‘ is finally going to be released. A music video for the title track is also going to drop on the same day.

Two weeks ago we gathered with some capable video craftsmen in the beautiful surroundings of „Das Franzl“ in Sankt Wolfgang (Upper Austria) to shoot a music video for ‚Modern Nature‘.

In essence, the song ‚Modern Nature‘ is about human perversion towards nature, self-destructive greed and exploitation. In the video Sunstain take this perversion and the level of absurdity to the extreme. Welcome to the apparently oh-so-cheerful bourgeoisie barbecue party. Beaming and loaded with souvenirs, our protagonists arrive in the sunny garden to indulge in gluttony, intoxication and a game of Jenga. Jenga? Yes, that’s right – the tower-building game with wooden blocks. While the greed (and the chaos at the table) increases, the tower stands more and more on shaky foundations – and then our protagonists suddenly stand naked in the rain to scuffle over the remains. The inevitable receipt? „Reap what you sow – Modern nature serves“.

Watch the first video teaser below:

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